Coastal calmbirth® - Workshops incorporating the Australian calmbirth® programme

Coastal calmbirth® began in 2006 when Geelong Midwife Liz Dickson became a Registered calmbirth® Practitioner. Jo Nunan, another Geelong midwife ,joined Coastal calmbirthR after completing her practitioner training in 2013.
The Australian calmbirth® technique was developed by Peter Jackson to  reduce the fear and tension which many women experience leading up to and during childbirth.
A person’s individual and cultural beliefs can shape their expectation of labour and birth. For many women, instead of being nurtured by positive birth stories, they become a target for the negative.
The Australian calmbirth® technique can pave the way for forming positive views about birthing by explaining the way babies can be born calmly while working with your body to manage the sensations of labour.
With the support of simple relaxation, breathing and personal healing exercises you will be shown how you can access and utilise your own inner resources for a calm, joyous birth.
Dads and birth companions can learn useful ways to offer support, thereby playing an active role in this truly memorable experience.
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